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The Glo-Ball Group Ltd is excited to announce our brand new and exciting post lockdown venture!!

Aimed at slightly older children (age 7-11), Glo-Zone, is a place for them to come and join in with our immersive and interactive activities brought to you at a variety of locations.

Do you need some time away from your kids post lockdown?

Are you looking for some time to relax with your friends or some good old fashioned retail therapy?

Don't worry! We have got you covered! Drop them off with us and go wild with your new found freedom! The only problem is they may not want to leave once they see the entertainment we have to offer, including:
  •  Glo-Cornhole Championships - The #1 pastime played in America. We have shipped it over and lit it up for our exclusive cornhole championships.
  • Glo-Games - All glowing in the dark we will offer glo-zone, glo-wars, glo-speedball, glo-dances and much more (that we are keeping as a surprise - we don't want to give it all away!)
  • Glo-Disco - Dancing, routines and games will keep them on their toes!
  • Family Fortunes - A take on the classic TV show we will host our very own version with appropriate yet comedy pre-prepared questions as they try to get to the big money round!!
  • Talent Night - An opportunity for them to shine and show off their unique talents. This is optional and they are more than welcome to watch if they prefer. Votes will be counted and prizes will be available.
  • Plus a few more games and fun that we will release on our facebook page prior to the event date. Each week will be different from the previous as we aim to entertain whilst going with flow. This is their space and we want them to help decide what works best for them.

Where, when and whom?    
  • Stratford Town Football Club (£5 per session)every other Friday
  • Friday 23rd April 
  • Fri 7th May,
  • Fri 21st May,
  • Fri 4th June,
  • Fri 18th June,
  • Fri 2nd July,
  • Fri 16th July

  • Ken Kennet Centre - (£4.50 per session)  every other Friday 
  • Friday 28th May,
  • Fri 11th June,
  • Fri 25th June,
  • Fri 9th July.

  • Ages 7-11.
  Time – 5:30 – 6:30pm  

How to book - Please visit bookwhen.com/glo-kids . This is our simple online booking sytem and pre-booking will be required until further lockdown measures are lifted. If you have any questions please Email us at info@glo-kids.co.uk or call us on 07816 329649.

Please note - Booking for each session will become available on the Monday after each Friday session. This is to ensure everyone has a fair chance of attending. There will be a maximum of 30 children at each venue until restrictions are eased.


  • Wow! What can I say? I have never seen anything like it. It was amazing and all so easy to sort out. The children absolutely loved it and didnt want to come home! When they eventually did everyone left with a prize! Truly incredible. 

    Highly recommend! 5*

    Dee - Stratford
  • This really is the future of children's parties! I didn't quite know what to expect but it was just amazing! We had both boys and girls for my 7 year old daughter and the games worked perfectly for everyone! Sam was great with the children - they were mesmirised!

    Incredible - You must try them!

    Emma - Mummy in Stratford
  • Simply amazing! It was a party like no other! Brilliantly organised. Thank you Glo-Ball!!

    Laura - Leamington Spa
  • Wow! Wow! Wow! Sarah cannot wait until next year. The Glo Disco was incredible. Lights were brilliant and the games kept the girls and boys entertained throughout. 

    I would highly recommend.

    Jacqui - Solihull